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iOS is the indigenous os of Apple’s cellular devices. iPhone, ipad tablet, and itouch products may be used to look at and revise OpenStreetMap-dependent maps or even to file Gps navigation songs that can be published to OSM to assist in editing.

The most basic approach to use OpenStreetMap on your own os system is to start in an internet browser for example Internet explorer. The web site is enhanced for little monitors for example individuals entirely on apple iphone and apple ipod touch. For the chart-watching encounter similar to that relating to the created-in Road directions software, browse the programs beneath. Likewise, for contributing to OpenStreetMap, the iD writer stuck over the internet helps standard conversation on apple ipad tablet, but you will probably find an os writer request to be more hassle-free.

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The following software depend on OpenStreetMap for primary performance, so they’re good ways to use OpenStreetMap in your os device. All these apps is make an effort to maintained, with a new release in the last 18 months, by 22:02, 23 July 2016 (UTC). For any complete comparison of accessible os software, see Evaluation of iOS programs.

These applications provide flip-by-change direction-finding and, in many cases, voice guidance:

It is usually easy to weight OpenStreetMap-primarily based road directions into the right after applications:

These software allow you to help with OpenStreetMap:

These programs let you contribute images kid control for chair mappers to utilize:

These programs permit you to file your activity as Gps navigation songs. It is possible to distribute your Gps navigation paths to OpenStreetMap to help you increase capabilities for the map. Many of these software likewise have orienteering capabilities that are ideal for direction-finding and not as granular since the turn-by-turn direction-finding apps.

These software allow you to seek out and discover about places in the spotlight. Most of them also help traditional maps.

These video games depend on OpenStreetMap files to electrical power gaming:

These apps also have OpenStreetMap in a few manner:

Being a program for developers, os is nearly the same as tvOS, watchOS, and also to a lesser magnitude macOS. Numerous your local library allow os designers to incorporate OpenStreetMap in their own software, whether being a fixed chart image, a fully fun road, or higher advanced makes use of like geocoding and redirecting. An additional of using these libraries is because they value OpenStreetMap’s tile utilization insurance plan by attractive floor tiles along with other sources from dedicated servers as an alternative to OpenStreetMap’s generously donated machines.

Selection Minimal iOS version Target-H Fast Program Creator License Paperwork
Carto Cellular SDK 7. indeed ObjC++ no Proprietary Manifestation and routing collection
GLMap 8. yes yes indeed BSD Customizable, active vector maps created in Mapbox Facilities and delivered utilizing OpenGL Realmente es. Cross elements intended for Cordova, NativeScript, Respond Indigenous, and Xamarin.
Mapbox SceneKit SDK 10. yes of course no BSD Connects to Mapbox’s Fixed API for static chart images. Useful for circumstances wherever an active guide is overkill.
Navmii Cell SDK Unidentified Unknown Not known Unfamiliar Exclusive
OsmSharp Unfamiliar no sure Unknown Unidentified Amazing Slippy road and vector guide manifestation serp
Skobbler iOS SDK Unidentified indeed Not known Private
Tangram ES Unknown no yes no Apache 2 Geospatial show package for android and ios according to OpenGL Ations. Accessories a 2nd guide plus a three dimensional world and may take care of impression base road directions and ceramic vector maps based on OSM data.
Collection Minimal iOS version Objective-C Swift Interface Designer CarPlay Licenses Records
CartoType 7. no no Amazing Rendering and redirecting collection
GraphHopper 7. yes no Apache 2 Offline redirecting selection
Mapbox Direction-finding SDK for iOS 9. of course Happening ISC Gets stuck a flip-by-flip direction-finding watch controller with tone of voice direction
MapboxDirections.speedy 8. indeed no ISC Attaches to Mapbox’s OSRM-dependent Instructions API
Mapzen iOS SDK 9.3 of course no Apache Attaches to Mapzen Switch-by-Turn (operated by Valhalla) by means of OnTheRoad for os
Navmii Portable SDK Not known Unidentified Not known no Proprietary
OsmSharp Unfamiliar no no GPLv2 or industrial Off-line routing in Chemical# utilizing Xamarin
Collection Minimal iOS variation Goal-C Swift Permit Records
OSMKit 7. indeed Zusammen mit Parses and stores OSM information inside a spatialite data source.
SwiftOverpassWrapper 10. of course MIT Inquiries the Overpass API and offers the result as native Speedy physical objects.

The next libraries are no longer preserved however are of famous interest:

  • MapQuest iOS Road directions API – Maps, direction-finding, and geocoding using MapQuest Available
  • MBXMapKit – Demonstrates Mapbox raster floor tiles atop a MapKit slipppy map
  • OpenStreetPad – BSD-licensed MapCSS-based renderer.
  • option-me – Raster floor tile renderer this produced the cause of legacy Mapbox os SDK
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