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Nigeria’s Br February 29, 2020 by bgreen4 Leave a Comment

Freitag, Mai 8th, 2020

Nigeria’s Br February 29, 2020 by bgreen4 Leave a Comment

Nigeria’s Bride Price app: cause of debate, its it simply a commentary that is sly social the past?

Honey, which means your daily life will probably be sweet. Palm oil, to lubricate life’s aches. Salt, to protect which help help keep you. Kola nut, I can’t remember properly, it’s it possibly perhaps not enough so it’s the absolute most symbolically Nigerian thing, across all lines that are cultural?

Exactly what are these? Collectively, they form section of a “bride cost” – money and presents written by a person’s family relations up to a lady’s upon their wedding. In college in Nigeria, during Yoruba history course, we was told about females that attracted incredibly high bride rates, impacted by their faculties. Inversely, there has been women whoever bride costs was in fact consequently paltry, it absolutely was an embarrassment. I really do maybe maybe not recall the specific gifts and whatever they signify anymore, but i really do recognize that these classes through which we have been taught about our history was in fact, for modern budding feminists, a challenging tablet to consume. (mehr …)