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Will Aussies Ban Pokies? New Legal Challenge is Placing Money on It

Freitag, Februar 28th, 2020

Will Aussies Ban Pokies? New Legal Challenge is Placing Money on It

A new lawsuit will seek to determine that the slots industry in Australia is in breach of consumer law because they’re deceptive and encourage addiction.

Australian poker machines (‘pokies’), or slots, as they are known into the US, are an industry that is multi-billion-dollar. Did you realize, for instance, that you will find five times more machines that are slot capita in Australia than in America? Or that over the last 12 months, growth in gambling has outpaced the growth of the Australian economy by 100 percent.

Politicians, anti-gambling groups, religious organizations, etc., are deeply worried about whatever they see as a gambling epidemic in the united states. And perhaps they must be.

Aussies invest more per at once gambling than any other country in the global globe, studies show; an extraordinary $1,179 in 2011-12. That’s more than twice as is gambled per capita in the usa and three times as much as within the UK.

Most of this goes on pokies. Australians lose around $11 billion annually on the devices, which constitutes nearly two-thirds of the united states’s gambling yield. And curiously, while gambling spend is up these full days, the proportion of the populace actually engaging in gambling has dropped over the past 15 years, from 80 % in 2000, to 68 percent in 2014.

Machines are Deceitful

With figures adjusted for inflation, and assuming these statistics are correct, which statistics (mehr …)

Profit and Loss Take on New Meaning for Swedish Pro Viktor Blom

Mittwoch, Januar 8th, 2020

Profit and Loss Take on New Meaning for Swedish Pro Viktor Blom

He’s 23, down $3.6 million for the past 30 days; but that’s not terribly unusual for the poker phenom known round the globe to online fans as ‘Isildur1,’ aka Viktor Blom. Following a dazzling two-week online winning streak from the beginning of the brand new year, Blom has since dropped back to a meager $1.5 million, according to, a poker tracking data site. More than $800,000 of those brutal losses occurred in just the week that is past and took spot on Comprehensive Tilt poker, the online site he represents as an expert.

High Stakes Is Their Game

It’s all in a day’s work with the pro that is young that is no stranger to uber high-stakes online poker: he caught the breathless attention of poker fans everywhere simply four years ago, when in 2009, he had been active in all ten of the largest pots in poker online history. Blom was nevertheless playing under wraps by their online pseudonym as he joined Team PokerStars at the conclusion of 2010, only to have their real identity revealed when he played live during the annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in the Bahamas. Blom remained on the PokerStars roster that is pro 1 1/2 years, moving on to Comprehensive Tilt just recently, in October 2012.

Highs and Lows

Blom is no complete stranger to the highs and lows of online poker; in his initial cloaked ‘Isildur1’ days, he played pros that are top Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius in c (mehr …)